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Howest-PIH is a technical university with a focus on industrial sciences and technology. Howest-PIH (www.howest.be) is partner in the Ghent-University Association. This Association exists of 51.000 students, which is an equivalent of 28% of the higher education in Flanders.

The research groups have a clear focus on the industry. Therefore, the Howest-PIH has many R&D-Projects (European, National and Flemish) with industrial companies, both large enterprises and SMEs.
The commitment to joining education with the creation of knowledge provides a fertile setting for research that has spawned a host of innovation breakthroughs in applications. All R&D-projects emerge from innovation objectives from companies. The approach is different, dependent on the focus of the project: the R&D is either for the benefit of one company or for the benefit of a group of companies. 59% of our R&D-activities are by order of SMEs, 27% by order of large enterprises and 14% by industrial branch representatives.
Howest-PIH is not only collaborating in research with Belgian universities, but also with several universities and R&D-institutes outside Belgium.

The R&D-activities create a leverage towards innovation in the industry: since 1997, Howest-PIH raised more than 28,5 million EUR of innovation grants for the benefit of research for enterprises.

This project is supported with the knowledge present in the devision electro mechanics renowned electro technical laboratory “Lemcko” accommodated in the building of this department.

Lemcko is active in a large field of Power Quality and analyses of grid disturbance.
The performance of EMC-measurement on low voltage installations and low voltage equipment is one of the main activities of lab Lemcko. Lemcko also performs applied research in the area of the Power Quality and EMC. This is done within the framework of national and international projects.

Furthermore, the lab has the necessary test setups and know-how to perform tests on motors, drives and transformers.

Lemcko is an ISO 9001 certified laboratory. This way the lab can guarantee the quality to it’s customers. Furthermore, the lab possesses of a BELTEST-accreditation for a number of tests, measurements and analyses. This allows to act as an independent test laboratory and inspection organisation.

COGEN Vlaanderen

COGEN Vlaanderen vzw has been established as an official institution in 2001 to promote CHP (Combined Heat and Power) in Flanders (Belgium), as one of the means to reduce greenhouse gases (CO2) and in so doing to contribute to the Flemish environmental action plan and the Kyoto targets.
COGEN Vlaanderen has a young and dynamic team of 3 fulltime employees including one civil engineer (university degree) and is further assisted by a team of five experienced volunteers recruited from various areas of trade and industry.
COGEN Vlaanderen has approx. 100 paying members, all active in CHP matters such as: designers, suppliers, investors, users, study agencies and scientific institutions. The Board is presided by Prof. Dr. Ir. William D’haeseleer of the KUL University, who is regarded the top scientific reference in energy matters in Flanders.

The main activities of COGEN Vlaanderen consist of:
- General CHP promotion: website (www.cogenvlaanderen.be) (including some pages in English); publications such as a magazine; a call centre and a library open to the public.
- Direct promotion: theme and/or study days aimed at specific sectors, evening lectures, courses, CHP education for students in engineering, participation in trade exhibitions, organising study trips abroad.
- Advice of the Flemish Government in relation to CHP and more in general the problems around CO2, several support measures. The Flemish Government regularly appeals to COGEN Vlaanderen to ask her to represent them in European matters. COGEN Vlaanderen is therefore narrowly concerned with the European problems and has a great business-relations network in Flanders and the neighbouring countries. COGEN Vlaanderen has offices in Leuven, approx. 20 km from Cogen Europe and has as a result of these preferential contacts with them.

Some realizations during the 5 years of existence of COGEN Vlaanderen:
- 30.000 visitors on her website.
- Establishing the important certificates mechanism for CHP in Flanders and offering a new boost to CHP investments.
- Accompaniment of some 30 companies.

Ecole des Mines - Douai

Educational and research establishment under the authority of the Ministry of Industry, The Ecole des Mines de Douai focuses its actions on:
- training :
o training of general-purpose executive engineers,
o professional training of executives in industry and the civil service,
o specialised training (engineers, specialised masters, professional masters, research masters, doctorates),
- research and technology transfer,
- business start-ups.

Member of the Group of Ecoles des Mines (GEM), a federation of 7 establishments (Albi, Alès, Douai, Nancy, Nantes, Paris, Saint-Etienne), via which the schools have joined forces to present a stronger image on the international market. The GEM is structured around 5 main themes:
international relations, training and distance training, research, provision of a common training offer and industrial partnerships.

The Industrial Energy Engineering Department in involved in the I-Dacta program.
Web site : http://www.ensm-douai.fr/

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