The project has four objectives.

In a first major objective we want to raise the level of training of the interns, professors, employees, engineers, …by means of basic courses and advanced courses that will be organised parallel in both regions. The purpose of these courses is to offer the possibility to technically trained people (Academic and industrial) and the management to expand and exchange their knowledge across the borders. We aim to spread the regional knowledge, including the local legislation and recent technology across the border.

This brings us to the second aim where the teachers are able to exchange mutual knowledge.

A third aim is the dissemination of the knowledge bundled in an information package that will be integrated in this website. The course material is available in French, Dutch and English, this for practical reasons. This gives us the advantage that a lot of technical (mostly English) terms can help to remove the problems concerning the language and allows to learn the different languages and terminology in this domain.

Next to the training and dissemination of knowledge is the study of micro-CHP a fourth important aim. The present – day technology offers the possibility to small scale industrial applications. For us it is a challenge to start with a market study. After the market study it is our objective to see further than the existing machines and generators but also to look at the possibilities for the residential sector. On the one hand this means the new possibilities for residential use but also an opportunity for organisations and companies who want to expand their activities in this sector.

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