The rough evolution of the speed of air (sight) pulls (entails) an almost immediate increase of the loss of load (responsibility). We notice that the loss of load (responsibility) increases in a actual but very weak way for a speed of air (sight) débitante equal to 3.5 m/s. I deducted that from it when the massique debit (output) increased, we thus had more air(sight) (from a point of view of mass) in touch with the regular and singular surfaces. Consequently, it seems logical to have an increase of the losses of loads (responsibilities) on the air (sight). The relation which allows to calculate the loss of singular load (responsibility) is the type: From this relation, we can already say, that the coefficient of loss of load (responsibility). The parameter is which goes influenced most the value of the loss of load(responsibility) for a range of speed of air (sight) included between 2 m/s and 5m/. Indeed this coefficient in a value included between 20 and 25. This one depends at the same moment on the geometry of the installation, but also on the number of Reynolds of the studied fluid.

The parameter Convection focé is often understood (included) between 0,5 and 0,8. It explains an almost linear variation of the global coefficient of thermic exchange side air(sight) " hair ", according to the speed of air (sight) "Vair" on a range of restricted speed of air (sight).

Consequently with what was previously said, we demonstrate well that the global coefficient o thermic exchange side air(sight) " hair " is well a function of the air speed "Vair".
In conclusion, if we take the case of the exchanged power side air(sight) " Péchangée-air ", the only parameter which influences this one: it is the global coefficient of thermic exchange side air(sight) " hair ", that he even depends on the speed of air(sight) "Vair".

Besides, we also notice that the powers on the water are superior, about is the statements, in the power on the air(sight). Furthermore, the average difference between its two powers is of 37W on five points of statement. This difference corresponds to the decreases of the box between the grips of temperature of the air(sight) (entered and taken out), Thus in a length of a linear metre.

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